Wednesday, August 4, 2010

5 Basic Components of Keyword Development

                Keyword Development is ongoing and vital necessity of any business or organization that needs to maintain a strong online presence. First of all I would like to brush-up people just because some of you may not familiar with terms, so let’s starts with “Keyword”. 
               Keyword is the word which is your business representative on internet and help people (searcher) found online is through the web and make the business. Select proper key is very important aspect for online business which also match to you business name and nature and made a bold foundation of any online business or organization that strives to establish and maintain a reasonably high internet presence.

               Keyword popularity, use and relevancy are what eventually lead people to any site or content. The selection and placement of the correct words within these sites or content is therefore vital in order to appear in any search results. But selecting already popular keywords needs more efforts to visible to at SERP as they are very competitive.

Here 5 important components that must involved in the development of an effective keyword list which is followed by Tekaseo

Keyword Research

When you start entering keyword in search field area of search engine a list of associated key words display which is also help full

•    Develop a list of keywords, word or phrases that are most relevant for your purpose for business.
•    Ask to your employee, friend or look for your competitor’s keywords.
•    Use long tails keywords which lead your annual sales
•    Use Sticky words with your keyword i.e Good, Free, Top, Best, Offer, Avail etc...

Keyword Specific

               Always be specific what u talking about because it helps buyer to get right product without effort, which sticks to your product and make them non-switching customer.

              Suppose you are Interior Designer and especially famous for Kitchen and Bedroom design, Select Expert Kitchen Designer or Interior Designer Kitchen Expert, if you work for a particular location add with keywords, like Expert Kitchen Designer New York. A fine tune with words makes them “Specific”.

Search Result

              Keyword research tool helps you to find estimate amount of search made on particular keywords on monthly, weekly and daily basis on particular geographical area, compile and consider towards their popularity. The words or phrases you select should reflect a healthy amount of searches being conducted on them.


            Always use only words that are relevant to what it is you are representing. To do otherwise will only be a waste of time and effort for both you and the people who search on these words.

 Content Development

             Content Development is the most important part of online business, most of the user switch site less than five second, due to not relevant content of site if the content of site is in proper way your business will get better exposure.

               What you will want your properly optimized content to do is serve a useful purpose for the people who find it. First Introduce with single line then add sort description about product and tell him why you are best for service in this industry. Ultimately if what you have composed consists of quality information people will want to also link to it for future reference.

The 5 components reviewed help you to maintain a reasonably high online profile.

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