Saturday, September 4, 2010

Is it True? No one knows Google's Algorithm-even their employee

It's known to everyone that, no one knows Google's Algorithm, even Google's employee, Is it true?

Once somewhere, I read a story titled “The Lucky horse shoes”

The physicist, Niels Bohr had a horseshoe hanging on the door of his laboratory. One day a colleague asked him he believed that the horseshoe would bring him luck.
“No”, said the physicist. “I don’t believe in superstitions. But I’ve been told that it works even if you don’t believe in it”

Here is the moral of story is “just do everything which comes to you for SEO, May any of them works”

Here is Google’s Algorithm, which I belief Google follow for returning SERP, Page Rank. And most of the SEO professional, experts and Web master knows that!

Before staring about Google's Algorithm, I just want to make a clear definition and meaning of Algorithm "An algorithm is the process by which you solve a problem or the steps of achieve or complete a task"

Here some points of Google's algorithm discussed below:

Lets first starts with “Title Tag”, tag is just like name of shop and search engine are like shopper, on the basis of Title tag on each web page, engines determines whether this would be a good result or not. As important as content and inbound links, one of the most important SEO factor, High algorithmic weight given by every search engines.
Key Word in Title should be more that 6 and less than 12 with 50-80 chars limits, including space, hyphen and commas.

Secondly, "META Description Tag" is important to the viewers (not for crawlers) who choose to visit site, which shows in SERP under Title a brief description about your web page, It should contain 12-24 words or 160 chars approx.
If Google consider this things in returning SERP, then doesn’t this are the part of Google Algorithm?

If this points search engine considers while returning SERP, doesn't this are point of Algorithm ?

These are only few points of Google's Algorithms, for more Tekaseo

I would like to tell you another story “On returning to New York after receiving the Nobel Prize for physics along with two other scientists, in 1965, Richerd Feynman stopped by at the school where he had studied. There while going through the school records he found that he had been given a fairly low IQ rating.
“Getting a Nobel Prize isn’t that hard,” joked Feynmen, “but getting it despite such a low IQ is indeed an achievement!”

Moral of this story is give equal importance to all the points whether you knows it has less weight then other, because no one know Correct Algorithm SEO for guaranteed top ranking, may it works for your project.

Happy Selling, Hope this would helps you in your project!
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