Saturday, September 11, 2010

Most 10 Onpage SEO Mistakes

Targeting wrong key word

Keyword is the key thing in SEO many people make mistake in selecting keyword. Most of the time we think that the keyword foe which we are targeting is right, but sometime targeting such type of keyword is loss of wealth and resource

Ignoring the title tag

Ignoring the title tad not only means to left title Blank but also use of wrong keyword. Title tag help us in SEO purpose for both the user and for the search engine, this title shows in SERP so, not to ignores the title Tag

A Flash website without a HTML Alternatives

We can attract user by using Flash in our website, but it cannot attract to Bot. It may very harmful if we are not using HTML Alternatives with Flash with all the attributes.

Java Script Based Menu or Links

Java Script based menu can attract Users but it takes more time or some time not able to create XML Site map form the site for the Sitemap submission. Look at they don't use javascript menu they used CSS inplace of Javascript. which is good for both USER and Search Engine....

Lack of Consistency and Maintenance

SEO is a continuous process many of our client belief that once a site get top position in SERP, it is done forever. But the fact is that if you want to be always on top in SERP then keep eye open for competition and ready to change/update website on the regular basis with respect to ranking algorithm and current trend.

Using Image in head

Using H1, H2 tag instant of image in heading part if you think image is necessary accordance to your design set the image as background and then show the highlighted text with head option.

Concentration too much on Meta Tag
Concentration too much on Meta keywords & description but overall the tags of HTML with maximum attribute related to theme of the page so just not only concentrate on Meta tag.

Ignoring URLs

Most of Programmer and Designer underestimate the importance of URLs
They use
Dynamic URLs
URLs without keywords
Keywords in URLs are more important for MSN and Yahoo, even Google also put weight on URL with keyword so no excuse for keyword less URLs and avoid dynamic URLs as much as possible.

Lack of Keyword in the Content

SEO is biased on Keyword so just focus on Keyword. Modify your content if require and put keyword wherever it makes sense, and make them bold and Highlight. Too much keyword in content (Keyword Stuffing) is not good for your website, so use keyword in content wisely.

Back-link spamming

It is a common delusion that it more backliks are ALWAYS better and because of this web masters resort to link farms, forum/newgroup spam etc. which ultimately could lead to getting their site banned. What you need are quality backlinks

These are the some which nobody should neglect while SEO Capmping like Tekaseo

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